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World of Wizardry Subscription

Our World of Wizardry subscription is a one of a kind mystery subscription box and a must have for any Magic fan! Each box will be personalised to your chosen House and will be filled with merchandise from your favourite wizarding world.

GeekGear Subscription

GeekGear is a subscription for Geeks and Gamers filled with amazing merchandise, exclusives and more! February's theme is ADVENTURE bringing you awesome items from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Assassins creed, The Hobbit and Star Wars!

World of Wizardry Wearable Subscription

Our new subscription bringing you 4-6 wearable items from the wizarding world every month! You are promised at least 2 T-Shirts in every box plus 2-4 other wearable items! Show your magical side in style!